Vacations from the homestead

On vacation at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska in May Last week I gave several talks in the Seattle area, and as always, I encouraged people to start small with their homesteading dreams. I explained that you don’t want to … Read More

Thinking of soil

by Judith D. Schwartz Earth Day has come and gone, but let’s consider earth: meaning, the sense of the word as a synonym for soil. This is much on my mind right now, not just because I’ve written a book … Read More

Urban Livestock Expo

 Goat break-out group Last month I spoke at the Urban Livestock Expo in Chicago, which was attended by about 300 people! Those of us who are passionate about this topic knew that a lot of people shared our enthusiasm, but … Read More

French toast

Although a lot of people relegate French toast to weekends, it really does not take much time to fix and could easily be incorporated into your weekday’s breakfasts. To save time, you can do most of the prep the night … Read More

Eggs Benedict

Today’s guest post comes from Farmstead Chef   by Lisa Kivirist Usually the most expensive item on a restaurant breakfast menu, Eggs Benedict can easily be made in your home kitchen. While perfectly seasoned sausage links or lean strips of … Read More

Minestrone soup

Here is a simple recipe from EcoThrifty. If you are new to cooking, make this on the weekend when you are feeling rushed. If you have a large family, you can double or triple this. Even if you don’t have … Read More

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