I support & endorse this wonderful book, 100%.

 – Ed Begley, Jr., Actor / Environmentalist


Ecothrifty-Cat4inFrom the publisher of EcoThrifty:

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without – our grandmothers knew the importance of responsible, thrifty choices. But somewhere along the way we succumbed to the belief that we can get everything for next to nothing, have it shipped halfway around the world and then, more often than not, just throw it away.

This consumer binge is taking its toll. Diet- and lifestyle-related illnesses are epidemic, our environment is awash in a sea of plastic, our climate is changing, and the cost of everything is skyrocketing with the price of oil. Are we doomed? No. We can make greener, healthier choices, and we can do it while saving money.

Where to start? EcoThrifty is packed with simple, practical ideas and recipes to help you:

  • Make homemade products for cleaning and skin care
  • Grow your own food and cook more from scratch
  • Raise your family without lowering your standards.


A must-read for anyone who has ever wanted to live a greener life but thought that it would be too expensive, time-consuming or difficult, this handy, complete guide will show you how small changes can have a huge environmental impact and save you thousands of dollars, all while improving your quality of life.

Those of us embarking on the journey of consuming less and enjoying ourselves more desperately need guidebooks, and Deborah Niemann has written one for us. Ecothrifty leads us gently down the path of changing the way we think about what we buy. I hope you will find this book the beginning of your engagement in a global movement to create a family life that is rich and abundant while sitting lighter on the planet that holds us all.

– Kathy Harrison, from the Foreword

If you care about the future of the Earth and her ecosystems and want to make a difference, pick up a copy of this book and read it cover to cover. You’re in for a treat! This book is chock-full of valuable information that could change your lifestyle and help create a sustainable world. Ecothrifty should be required reading for every citizen of the world.

Dan Chiras, Director, The Evergreen Institute,
and author of The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy,
 and Power from the Sun

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