Raw Milk Safety featured image

Raw Milk Safety

Episode 130For the Love of Goats Have you ever wanted to try raw milk, lauded for its health benefits, but were concerned about the safety? Like all raw foods from lettuce to oysters, there is a risk of contamination, but … Read More

Worms in Chickens

Worms in Chickens

by Kim A. Chicken Worms: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention Upon hearing the phrase “worms in chickens,” most people get a little squigged out. Right?  I know I do.  But what if I use the word helminth?  Nematode?  Annelid?  Do these … Read More

Corgis Herding featured image

Corgis: Herding on the Homestead

by Stephen Edson With their short legs, long bodies, fox-like faces, and bat ears, Corgis have captured many dog lovers’ hearts around the world. Most famous in recent times as having been the companion of choice for Queen Elizabeth II, … Read More

Anesthesia in Goats featured image

Anesthesia in Goats

Episode 129For the Love of Goats Every goat owner has heard that goats don’t do well with anesthesia, so we are always understandably nervous when our goats need to be sedated. Dr. Kelly Chen, Veterinary Anesthesiology Resident at Cornell University, … Read More

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