Mites in Goats featured image

Mites in Goats

Skin problems in goats are fairly common and can be quite confusing. Mites cause mange, which is just one of the reasons that a goat can suffer from hair loss, dry skin, thickening of skin, scabs, and pustules. Some of … Read More

Egg Recipes

Egg Recipes

It’s egg season! While most people would say it’s spring, those of us with chickens know it’s egg season. After a few months of few to no eggs — because hens don’t lay in the dark days of winter unless … Read More

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Australorp Chickens

By Tasha Greer Why did the Orpington chicken cross the ocean to Australia? To become an Australorp, of course! Australorp is a contraction of Australian Orpington. But this chook breed is no mere contraction. It’s a distinctly Australian layer with … Read More

Bantam Chickens featured image

Bantam Chickens: Small But Mighty

We got our first bantam chickens in 2002 entirely by accident. I had ordered turkeys from a hatchery, and the box included 15 tiny chicks! We already had Buff Orpingtons and Silver-Laced Wyandottes, so I knew immediately that these were … Read More

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