Goat bloat

Goat Bloat

Many people think a goat is bloated when it simply has a large belly. I have seen many people post online, “My goat has been bloated for several days,” which is impossible. A goat with bloat will die within hours … Read More

Abscesses and CL in Goats

Caseous Lymphadenitis, usually called CL, is the most common cause of skin abscesses. CL is highly contagious because it can infect goats through unbroken skin. CL is unique in that it most commonly affects lymph nodes in the neck. The … Read More

How To Compare Feed Labels

Recently, I received the following question from a reader … You refer to labels often when evaluating a feed or mineral product. I am trying to learn to read labels also….  For example, while I know the letters “ppm” stands … Read More

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