Sore Mouth in Goats featured image

Sore Mouth in Goats

Years ago, I noticed a scab on a doe’s mouth when I was milking her, and I freaked out. At that point, we no longer attended goat shows and had already had a closed herd for several years, so how … Read More

Hypocalcemia in Goats

Hypocalcemia in Goats

Episode 66For the Love of Goats Hypocalcemia in goats, sometimes called milk fever, is one of the most misunderstood maladies in the goat world. This confusion stems from research done on cows, which does not apply to goats, but is … Read More

Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats

Episode 65For the Love of Goats During kidding season, lots of goat owners start to worry about ketosis and pregnancy toxemia in their does. In today’s episode, Dr. Robert VanSaun, professor of veterinary science and extension veterinarian at Pennsylvania State … Read More

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