Herbal Dewormers for Goats

Every once in a while, I get an email from a fellow goatherd asking why I don’t recommend herbal dewormers for goats. Although I’ve used them, and I’m not opposed to using them, I only recommend treatments that have the research … Read More

roundworms and goats

Roundworms and Goats

Episode 15For the Love of Goats     Steve Hart, Ph.D., of Langston University talks about roundworms in goats, including the infamous barber pole worm, which causes a lot of heartache and financial loss for goat owners every summer.  Did … Read More


Deworming Goats

Although it appears there are about a dozen chemical dewormers on the market, all fall into one of three categories. Drugs in the same category have a similar mode of action and work to kill similar worms. Deworming goats correctly … Read More

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