African Goat Stew

African Goat Stew

  When we butchered goats for the first time, we really had no idea what to do with the meat. After trying to simply substitute goat meat for beef in some recipes and not enjoying it, I decided to start … Read More

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although some people have had great success with intermittent fasting, which basically means skipping breakfast, it is important to have a good breakfast, if you have anything at all. … Read More

Turkey Nuggets

  Turkey is probably the most underutilized meat in the U.S. Most people think of it as a the centerpiece for a holiday dinner, but it can be used for so many more dishes! Every year we raise turkeys so … Read More

Turkey Stroganoff

Turkey Stroganoff

If you are like most Americans, you are not crazy about dark turkey meat. In fact, you don’t like it at all, which is why Big Ag figured out how to grow turkeys with breasts so big that they can’t … Read More

Cheese Recipe Chèvre

How to Make Goat Cheese

  Chèvre is that soft goat cheese that most people generically call “goat cheese.” It is a delicious snack or appetizer spread on crackers or bread, and it makes a scrumptious sandwich when paired with grilled mushrooms and peppers. You … Read More

Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast Scramble

When I discovered I had a problem with gluten in 2014, I had no idea what to eat for breakfast! Since I had wheat at every meal, it’s no wonder I had no clue that it was causing a problem, … Read More

Szechwan Turkey and Peanuts

Every year we raise about six or seven turkeys for our freezer. Since most people only eat turkey for a holiday or two every year, plus a sandwich here and there, we get the inevitable question when people hear how … Read More

Chinese Spice Slow-Cooked Pork

  When we got our first pig butchered many years ago, I had no idea that various parts of a pig have meat with different characteristics. Some are better for cooking in one way, while others are better for cooking … Read More

making yogurt

Making Yogurt

The process for making yogurt is very similar to the process for making buttermilk, but it uses a thermophilic culture, which needs heat to work. The milk must be at 110°F to 120°F in order to culture. There are a … Read More

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