Cheese Recipe Chèvre

How to Make Goat Cheese

Chèvre is that soft goat cheese that most people generically call “goat cheese.” It is a delicious snack or appetizer spread on crackers or bread, and it makes a scrumptious sandwich when paired with grilled mushrooms and peppers. You can … Read More


Gjetost (pronounced yay-toast) translates from Norwegian as “goat cheese,” but it is more like fudge or caramel than cheese in both flavor and the process for making it. It is not ripened. It is simply whey that has been boiled … Read More

How to Start Making Cheese featured image

How to Start Making Cheese

If you’ve read books, articles, and blog posts and watched videos about making cheese, but you still haven’t done it, here’s an idea — buy a cheesemaking kit! Sometimes the prospect of buying the equipment and ingredients can seem just … Read More

Cheesemaking for beginners

Quick show of hands, who here has ever made their own cheese before? No? Never fear, cheesemaking is much easier than you think! If you think about the distinctions between cow, goat, and sheep milk, and you look at all the different types of … Read More

Want to learn to make cheese?

The mystery of the cheesemaking world has been exposed. In her newest book, Mastering Basic Cheesemaking, artisan cheesemaker Gianaclis Caldwell demystifies and simplifies the whole process. This book is my new #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to learn to … Read More

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