homemade noodles

Egg Noodles

Although noodles are not expensive to buy, they cost only pennies to make, and you can use your own organic eggs. They are also delicious and incredibly easy to make. These noodles make a great chicken soup when cooked with … Read More

Want eggs? Get ducks!

by Victoria Redhed Miller Ducks are fun and easy to raise. We have raised mainly Khaki Campbell ducks for eight years now, keeping them strictly for eggs. At one point we had some Indian Runner ducks and Blue Swedish also, but we’ve … Read More

Make Your Own Mayonnaise

Make your own mayonnaise!

  Not only can you use mayonnaise on salads and in pasta salads or potato salad, it also is a necessary ingredient for ranch dressing, which you can make with homemade buttermilk. Mayonnaise falls into the “you can make that … Read More

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