making yogurt

Making Yogurt

The process for making yogurt is very similar to the process for making buttermilk, but it uses a thermophilic culture, which needs heat to work. The milk must be at 110°F to 120°F in order to culture. There are a … Read More

How To Make Granola

  We started making our own granola when our first child was a baby. That was about 13 or 14 years before we moved out to the country to start growing our own food. Making your own granola is one … Read More

homemade noodles

Egg Noodles

Although noodles are not expensive to buy, they cost only pennies to make, and you can use your own organic eggs. They are also delicious and incredibly easy to make. These noodles make a great chicken soup when cooked with … Read More

gluten free crustless quiche

Gluten Free Crustless Quiche

Crustless quiche is one of our “fast food” recipes that we fall back on when we are too busy to cook. Within a few minutes, it can be in the oven where it requires no attention for 40 minutes. We’ve … Read More


Gjetost (pronounced yay-toast) translates from Norwegian as “goat cheese,” but it is more like fudge or caramel than cheese in both flavor and the process for making it. It is not ripened. It is simply whey that has been boiled … Read More

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup is So Easy!

One of the quickest and easiest recipes I have is for butternut squash soup. This is one of my “fast food” recipes. Just cook the squash, add 3 tablespoons of butter, sprinkle with a five-spice blend (if desired), then blend … Read More

Peanut butter brownies

Flourless Peanut Butter Brownies

  When I discovered I had a gluten sensitivity, it meant a huge shift in the way that I cooked. I used to eat breakfasts filled with flour — homemade pancakes, biscuits, waffles, French toast and plain toast from our … Read More

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