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Rotational Grazing for Goats

Unless you have a hundred acres for four or five goats, consider rotational grazing. It will make your pasture last longer and reduce the incidence of internal parasites in the goats. Rather than fencing in several acres for the goats … Read More

Goat Milk Pudding

You’ve heard of the 100-mile diet where people eat only things that were grown within 100 miles. Well, I make a 100-yard ice cream that contains only ingredients that were made from within 100 yards of our kitchen — goat … Read More

The value of a mentor

 “Psst! Lemme give you some advice!” Although I made a lot of mistakes when we started homesteading, there was one thing that I got right — and it was totally by accident. I wound up with a great goat mentor. … Read More

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