Egg nog cake

It can be so tempting this time of year to pick up a cake at the grocery store or a bakery. If you catch yourself staring at something like that for more than a couple seconds, imagine my youngest daughter … Read More

Goat Milk Pudding

    You’ve heard of the 100-mile diet where people eat only things that were grown within 100 miles. Well, I make a 100-yard ice cream that contains only ingredients that were made from within 100 yards of our kitchen … Read More

Green smoothies

by Debra Garner Guest blogger The holiday season is upon us. For many the calendars are already filling up with dinner parties, office parties, family gatherings, lunch dates after shopping trips. How do you stay healthy during this busy season? … Read More

Pumpkin spice cookies

This is one of my favorite holiday cookie recipes for so many reasons — convenience, taste, and nutrition, to name only three. They’re easy to make and actually have some pretty nutritious ingredients in them. It might seem like you’re … Read More

spiced pear butter

Spiced Pear Butter

When we moved to our homestead, we planted lots of trees that yielded fruit we were not in the habit of eating. In fact, in 2007, we planted four pear trees, even though I had probably not eaten four whole … Read More

Homegrown Tamale Pie

Homegrown Tamale Pie

For about 20 years, we’ve been making a tamale pie out of the cookbook, Tofu Cookery, but recently it occurred to me that this time of year we could make our own version of this recipe using produce straight from … Read More

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