What’s so bad about raw milk?

Maybe it’s just coincidence or maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems that since Farmageddon was released, the heat has been turned up against raw milk. (Yeah, double enténdre intended.) Anyway, up until recently, some “experts” would just say that … Read More

Goats in Winter

Goats in winter

  Giselle, five months pregnant, was warm and cozy in the barn during the blizzard last February. A common question this time of year is, “Can my goats handle the cold weather, or do they need a heat lamp or … Read More

Green smoothies

by Debra Garner Guest blogger The holiday season is upon us. For many the calendars are already filling up with dinner parties, office parties, family gatherings, lunch dates after shopping trips. How do you stay healthy during this busy season? … Read More

Pumpkins on the farm

What to do with all that pumpkin?

The following recipe is adapted from the Farmstead Chef cookbook by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, just in time for Thanksgiving and an abundant pumpkin harvest.  Farmstead Chef offers stories and recipes to nourish and inspire.  Kivirist and Ivanko’s 150 … Read More

Copper requirements in goats

I’m in Grand Rapids, MI, at the annual conference of the American Dairy Goat Association this week and am writing up blog posts on some of the more interesting things that I learn. If you’ve read Homegrown and Handmade, then … Read More

You’re kidding!

Today’s post comes to you from Grand Rapids at the annual conference of the American Dairy Goat Association. I’m not kidding — I’m talking about goat birthing! Today I attended two sessions on goat birthing. Both talked a lot about … Read More

thoughts on soapmaking

Thoughts on soap making

  When writing the soap making section of Homegrown and Handmade, I decided to look at some articles and do some online searches and see what others have written about making soap. To be completely honest, I was a little … Read More

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