Colostrum for Baby Goats

Episode 39For the Love of Goats I’ve always referred to colostrum as liquid gold. Whenever someone asks me what they should give a kid when it’s born, the answer is short and simple — colostrum. When a kid is born, … Read More

Basics of Goat Research

Episode 36For The Love Of Goats What is the difference between a controlled study and observations that you make on your farm? In this episode, I’m talking to Joan Burke, Ph.D., who has been researching alternative dewormers in small ruminants … Read More

Deer Worm in Goats

Episode 34For The Love Of Goats Meningeal worm, also known as deer worm, is a worm that is normally found in white tail deer, but goats can become infected. In this episode, Dr. Tatiana Stanton, a goat and sheep specialist … Read More

Meat Goat Genetic Research

Episode 32For the Love of Goats If you ask any goat breeder what is their favorite breed, they will most likely tell you it’s the breed they are raising. However, there is no perfect breed. Each one has its own … Read More

Copper Oxide as a Dewormer

Episode 30For the Love of Goats Whether you are facing resistance to chemical dewormers, or whether you prefer to use more natural remedies, copper oxide wire particles may be helpful in the fight against barber pole worm (haemonchus contortus) in … Read More

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