Meat Goat Genetic Research

Episode 32For the Love of Goats If you ask any goat breeder what is their favorite breed, they will most likely tell you it’s the breed they are raising. However, there is no perfect breed. Each one has its own … Read More

Copper Oxide as a Dewormer

Episode 30For the Love of Goats Whether you are facing resistance to chemical dewormers, or whether you prefer to use more natural remedies, copper oxide wire particles may be helpful in the fight against barber pole worm (haemonchus contortus) in … Read More

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Episode 29For the Love of Goats Many people who have owned pet dogs assume that they know all about choosing, buying, and training dogs, but livestock guardian dogs are completely different animals. In this episode, we are talking about those … Read More

Airbnb with Goats

Episode 27For the Love of Goats    Have you thought about renting out a room or a small cottage or cabin on your farm through Airbnb? Meet Tammy Gallagher of Texas who has done just that! In this episode, she … Read More

Goat Landscaping

Episode 26For the Love of Goats     It might sounds like it’s too good to be true — take your goats to someone else’s land and have them eat the brush and weeds while you are being paid. Goat … Read More

Goat Milk Soap Business

Episode 25For the Love of Goats   Have you ever dreamed of starting your own goat milk soap business? That’s exactly what Jill Spruance and her family did almost a decade ago, and they are still going strong. They make … Read More

Using Dewormers Correctly

Episode 24For the Love of Goats There is probably no other goat-related subject that confuses goat owners more than deworming. If you check five different online sources, you could wind up with five different recommendations about how to use dewormers. … Read More

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