LaMancha Goat featured image

LaMancha Goats

Episode 81For the Love of Goats If you’ve ever seen the goats without ears, that’s what we’re talking about today! LaManchas are best known for having tiny little gopher ears, which most people either love or hate. If you raise … Read More

Oberhasli Goats featured image

Oberhasli Goats

Episode 80For the Love of Goats If you are looking for a medium sized dairy goat that produces about a gallon a day, then consider the Oberhasli, which originally came from Switzerland. Morgan Allen of Haycreek Farm in Minnesota has … Read More

Experimental Goats featured image

Experimental Goats

Episode 62For the Love of Goats If a herd has more than one breed of goat, odds are good that they also have some experimental goats, which are crosses of other purebred standard-sized goats. Bucks are determined creatures, and unplanned … Read More

Toggenburg goats

Toggenburg Goats

Episode 61For the Love of Goats If you are interested in a medium-sized goat for milking, you should consider the Toggenburg, which is always a shade of brown, somewhere between tan and dark chocolate. The Toggenburg goat’s butterfat average is … Read More

Sable Goats

Sable Goats

Episode 60For the Love of Goats If you are looking for a larger dairy goat that produces a lot of milk and has fairly low butterfat, then the Sable goat might be the one for you, especially if you like … Read More

Kinder Goats

Kinder Goats

Episode 7For the Love of Goats   If you are still trying to decide which breed of goat to raise, or if you’re looking to add another breed to your farm, you might consider kinder goats. They were originally a … Read More

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