Using Dewormers Correctly

Episode 24For the Love of Goats    There is probably no other goat-related subject that confuses goat owners more than deworming. If you check five different online sources, you could wind up with five different recommendations about how to use … Read More

Breeding Season

Breeding Season

Episode 23For the Love of Goats     Rather than waiting for spring and wondering why your goats didn’t get pregnant, now is the time to get your ducks in a row — er, um, goats! In this solo episode … Read More

Goats in Nepal

Episode 22For the Love of Goats   How does a goat breeder go from judging goat shows to helping people raise goats in Nepal? Prior to our interview in this episode, Dan Laney said to me via email that after … Read More

2 Goat Milking Challenges

Episode 21For the Love of Goats     Today we are talking about two separate problems that a lot of goat owners encounter — milk that tastes “goaty” and does holding back their milk. First, I’m talking to Katherine Boehle, … Read More

Homeschooling with Goats

Episode 20For the Love of Goats    If you are homeschooling or thinking about it, you might find today’s episode interesting. We homeschooled our children until they went to college, and the experience changed a lot when we moved from … Read More

Accounting with Goats

Accounting with Goats

Episode 19For the Love of Goats   Are your goats or goat expenses tax deductible? It depends! Learn the many ways goats can affect your taxes (or not) with Harley Raptor CPA and “Accountant Warrior” as she describes the different … Read More


Goat Law

Episode 16For the Love of Goats   Learn about your responsibilities and liabilities as a goat owner with Eva Moss, Farmer and Partner Development Manager at Farm Commons, which is a non-profit specializing in legal education for farmers. If you … Read More

roundworms and goats

Roundworms and Goats

Episode 15For the Love of Goats     Steve Hart, Ph.D., of Langston University talks about roundworms in goats, including the infamous barber pole worm, which causes a lot of heartache and financial loss for goat owners every summer.  Did … Read More

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