Co-Owning a Goat featured image

Co-Owning a Goat

Episode 104For the Love of Goats If you only have a few does to breed each year, it might seem like a waste to own your buck. But even if you have a buck, who do you breed his daughters … Read More

External Parasites in Goats featured image

External Parasites in Goats

Episode 102For the Love of Goats At one time or another, every goat owner will probably be faced with external parasites on their goats, which usually means lice or mites. Dr. Michael Pesato, Assistant Clinical Professor of Food Animal Medicine … Read More

Mycoplasma in Goats featured image

Mycoplasma in Goats

Episode 99For the Love of Goats If you had a doe with mastitis, a kid with stiff joints, and another kid with pneumonia, would you ever assume that all three were infected with the same disease? If mycoplasma is in … Read More

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