Goats in Winter

Goats in Winter

Whenever the temperatures start to fall, questions start to flood our inboxes from goat owners asking if their goats will be okay in the cold weather. The interesting thing is that these questions come from Florida and Canada and everywhere … Read More

The Scoop on Poop featured image

The Scoop on Poop

Episode 120For the Love of Goats Some of the most common questions I receive from new goat owners are on the topic of manure management. Many new goat owners think they need to clean out the barn weekly or even … Read More

Learning to Milk a Goat featured image

Learning to Milk a Goat

You may think that only you need to learn to milk a goat, but it’s not a natural thing for a goat to let a human take her milk. So, the goat also needs to learn to be milked. This … Read More

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