One is the loneliest number

Remember that goats are herd animals, which means you need to have at least two so that they have a friend who speaks the same language. Keeping them with a pig, sheep, or horse is not the same. Pigs communicate … Read More

things goats need

8 things goats need

If you are thinking about getting goats or planning to bring home a couple soon, here are eight things that you will want to make sure you have ready for them when they arrive! As an Amazon affiliate, I earn … Read More

False pregnancy in goats

Were you absolutely sure that goat was pregnant, but she never kidded, and now she doesn’t look as big as she did last week? It is possible for a doe to get bred and stop cycling and even to get … Read More

Breed Profile: Golden Guernsey Goats

by Teresa Casselman While I have bred Nubian dairy goats since 1994, I’ve always been intrigued by rare livestock breeds. I first learned about the Guernsey breed in 2003 when the Dairy Goat Journal featured the Golden Guernsey goat on … Read More

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