Composting without a Bin featured image

Composting Without a Bin

By Tammy Churchill A thrifty way of handling your homestead’s waste products is composting without a bin, just like Mother Nature does it. By using a method outlined below, you can speed up the natural decomposition process. Not only does … Read More

DIY Composting Bins

DIY Composting Bins

By Tammy Churchill Building a compost bin from scratch enables you to customize it to your particular circumstances. Everything from size to materials to design can be personalized to fit your needs. Before you get too far into planning your … Read More


Composting With Worms

I’ve got worms! Yet another homesteading dream realized! That’s probably my favorite tweet of all time. It was back in 2008 or so. And no, I did not have intestinal worms. I had just completed a one-day vermicomposting workshop, and … Read More


Vermicomposting basics

Vermicomposting (worm composting) is one of my favorite gardening subjects. Worms are exactly the right micro-mini “livestock” for munching down kitchen scraps and transforming them into a nutrient rich plant food. I just can’t wait to encourage folks to keep … Read More

Composting 101

I had a great time presenting at the Mid-America Homesteading Conference on Saturday. And, as promised, here is a copy of my PowerPoint presentation on “Composting.” Of course, a PPT is only an outline rather than a complete presentation, so … Read More

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