Review: Unstuff Your Life

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If one of your goals for 2014 is to declutter, then you might want to pick up a copy of Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life For Good by Andrew J. Mellen.

Like many people, I have had a lifelong battle with clutter. Every now and then, I’ll win a battle, but ultimately, it seems like I’m losing the war. Through the years, I’ve read lots of books to help me in my quest for a clutter-free life, and I’ve even been a Flylady follower off and on. If you’ve read a lot of books in this area, you might not find much new in Mellen’s book, but that does not mean that it can’t be helpful. For me, the book worked like a booster vaccine. Several times I’d hear Mellen say something, and my brain would talk back, “I know that! So, why am I not doing it?”

I purchased the audio version of the book from Audible, and the book actually worked really well that way. The book was read by the author, and I laughed out loud a few times when he said, “Don’t argue with me,” because it felt like he really was talking to me.

If you are new to the idea of decluttering, you might find the printed book or ebook versions more helpful so that you can see his lists and rules in writing. However, he does have PDFs that can be downloaded from his website for audio book listeners.

In addition to the usual clutter — our closets, basements, kitchens, etc — Mellen also has chapters on electronic clutter, including email and digital photographs. He also talks about how to break free from email addiction.

Regardless of whether you’ll be decluttering for the first or fifth time, Mellen’s book can be really helpful.


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