BioWorma for Goats

BioWorma for Goats

Episode 98For the Love of Goats If you have a worm problem with your goats, and rotational grazing is not an option, we now have a new tool that can be helpful in breaking the life cycle of the worms. … Read More

5 Point Check for Parasites

5-Point Check for Parasites

Episode 95For the Love of Goats If you’ve listened to previous podcast episodes on parasites, you have heard us talk about the 5-point check, but what exactly is it? How can you use it to determine when you need to … Read More

Kiko Goats featured image

Kiko Goats

Episode 94For the Love of Goats If you’ve been thinking about a meat breed and are looking for one that does well on pasture and forage, is parasite resistant, and hardy in general, the Kiko might be the breed for … Read More

Rabies in Goats featured image

Rabies in Goats

Episode 93For the Love of Goats Although rabies in goats is not common, it is possible. In today’s episode we are talking to Dr. Kevin Pelzer, a Professor of Large Animal Clinical Science, Production Management Medicine at the Virginia Maryland … Read More

Saanen Goats

Saanen Goats

Episode 89For the Love of Goats In today’s episode, we are talking with the oldest Saanen breeder in the US about these gentle giant of the dairy goat world. If you’ve ever looked at the American Dairy Goat Association’s Top … Read More

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