Worms During Kidding Season

Episode 40For the Love of Goats Although we are finally getting the word out that current research shows that you should not routinely deworm goats or deworm the whole herd at one time, one of the last old-fashioned ideas about … Read More

Colostrum for Baby Goats

Episode 39 For the Love of Goats     I’ve always referred to colostrum as liquid gold. Whenever someone asks me what they should give a kid when it’s born, the answer is short and simple — colostrum. When a … Read More

Kidding in Cold Weather

Kidding in Cold Weather

Episode 38For the Love of Goats Whether you live in Florida or Canada, odds are good that you will be worried about your goats giving birth when it is cold out. However, the definition of cold can vary dramatically between … Read More

Basics of Goat Research

Episode 36 For The Love Of Goats     What is the difference between a controlled study and observations that you make on your farm? In this episode I’m talking to Joan Burke, Ph.D., who has been researching alternative dewormers … Read More

Deer Worm in Goats

Episode 34 For The Love Of Goats       Meningeal worm, also known as deer worm, is a worm that is normally found in white tail deer, but goats can become infected. In this episode Dr. Tatiana Stanton, a … Read More

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