How long do goats live featured image

How Long Do Goats Live?

Deciding to have goats is a long term commitment similar to bringing a dog into your family and your life. You may be confused by the number of different estimates you see for a goat’s life span, and that’s because … Read More

Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats

Episode 65For the Love of Goats During kidding season, lots of goat owners start to worry about ketosis and pregnancy toxemia in their does. In today’s episode, Dr. Robert VanSaun, professor of veterinary science and extension veterinarian at Pennsylvania State … Read More


500+ Funny Chicken Names

When we got our first 27 chickens in 2002, they were half buff Orpington and half silver-laced Wyandotte, so naming them was a bit of a challenge since so many of them looked alike. However, a few favorites soon emerged … Read More

Can Goats Be Raised Naturally featured image

Can Goats Be Raised Naturally?

Episode 63For the Love of Goats It’s not uncommon for someone to contact me about a goat problem that they have, and to resist doing anything “unnatural,” such as providing a commercial mineral for their goats. What most people don’t … Read More

Experimental Goats featured image

Experimental Goats

Episode 62For the Love of Goats If a herd has more than one breed of goat, odds are good that they also have some experimental goats, which are crosses of other purebred standard-sized goats. Bucks are determined creatures, and unplanned … Read More

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