Raising Meat Goats on Pasture

Episode 8For the Love of Goats   If you’ve heard that meat goats need to be finished on grain, you’ll want to hear this interview with Jennifer Miller, a small animal veterinarian who raises meat goats with her husband on … Read More

Kinder Goats

Kinder Goats

Episode 7For the Love of Goats If you are still trying to decide which breed of goat to raise, or if you’re looking to add another breed to your farm, you might consider kinder goats. They were originally a cross … Read More

brown goat

Packing With Goats

Episode 3For the Love of Goats   Today we are stepping out of the milk, meat, and fiber goat worlds. We are talking about the elite athletes of the caprines — pack goats — with our guest Marc Warnke. We’re … Read More

hay bales

Forage and Feeding Goats

Episode 2For the Love of Goats   One of the most common questions I get from readers is, “what should I feed my goats?” But there is no short answer. The reason you hear so many different answers is because … Read More

My Goat Story

Episode 1For the Love of Goats   Join me as I tell you my goat story in the first episode of my new podcast. I also explain why I decided to start a podcast and what you can expect in … Read More

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