Peppermint Body Butter

Today’s guest post by Beth Hedrick explains how to make this natural moisturizer just in time for the cold winter months ahead.


Peppermint Body Butter
Peppermint Body Butter

Winter is almost upon some of us, while others have already had their first snow, and with the weather getting colder (and the air getting drier) the skin can surely feel it!  Many of the moisturizers on the market today contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that we can’t even pronounce.  This is why making your own body butter not only works better, but is safer for the skin.

For this holiday season, why not give someone the gift of soft skin with your own homemade moisturizer?  Your loved one will not only reap the physical benefits, but will also feel delighted that you took the time to make it rather than quickly purchasing it.

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If making a batch for several gifts, you may want to adjust the proportions of ingredients,  You will need the following ingredients for two to three of your ultra creamy, peppermint creations:

To make it, you will need to put the coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter in a medium-large pot on low heat.  While heating, stir everything together.  After it is heated, mix in the three oils (sweet almond, Vitamin E, and peppermint).  Be sure to mix everything together thoroughly.

Remove from the heat, and put the mixture in the refrigerator for one to two hours.  Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too firm.

After it is cold, mix it together again with a mixer.  Create a whipped, light, lotion consistency and spoon it into the Mason jar.  I have found that scooping the mixture into a baggie and cutting a hole in the corner acts as a pastry bag and allows for more ease (and neatness!) when filling up the jar.

This wonderful body butter can last up to a year, and if your home is warm you may have to chill it again in the refrigerator and stir it.  Some people even keep theirs chilled because there is something about cool peppermint that makes application very soothing!

If you want to make another scent of body butter, simply use the same main ingredients while substituting another essential oil, such as lavender, for peppermint oil.

When giving this as a special gift, you can add a ribbon and tag to the jar to make it even more personal. Not only is this just beautiful to look at, it is a very functional gift that anyone will love to receive! Here’s to lovely, soft skin this winter!

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