Just Kidding

Just Kidding ebook coverThere is nothing about goat ownership that creates more anticipation, excitement, frustration, and fear than birthing. It’s wonderful to walk into the barn one morning and see a couple of kids bouncing around and nursing. But it feels like you’ve been punched in the stomach when you walk in and see a distressed doe or a dead or malformed kid. If you’ve never seen a goat give birth before, you don’t really know if something is normal or not.

Since 2006, Deborah Niemann has been chronicling the births of goats on Antiquity Oaks Farm. In this ebook, she retells some of those stories and honestly discusses what went well and what didn’t, what should have been done differently and what would not have mattered.

You’ll read 17 stories of goat births, from normal to tragic, including two c-sections. Although nothing can take the place of real life experience, the goal of this book is to help new goat owners feel a little more prepared before their first goats give birth and to help more experienced owners feel even more confident.

Just Kidding is available as an ebook in all of the following formats:
epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html at SmashWords

It is also available for Kindle from Amazon.

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