Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub would be a wonderful gift to give this holiday season! In this guest post by Beth Hedrick, you will learn how easy it is to make and to give to your friends and family.

Mason Jar Ecothrifty Peppermint Sugar Scrub
Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub

We can thank the Egyptians in ancient times for the concept of exfoliating the skin. Apparently even very long ago they felt the need to get rid of the old skin cells on the surface to yield soft and supple skin.

Today, many enjoy using “mechanical” abrasive material such as micro-beads, loofahs, crushed apricot kernels, crushed almond shells, pumice, and scrubs to rejuvinate their skin. Some prefer the methods of “chemical” treatments, such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, or enzymes which are applied. This is typically done by a professional aestheticians.

You can get amazing results by making your own body scrubs, and it is undeniably ecothrifty. With making scrubs at home, not only are you getting soft and silky skin, you are also saving the expense of purchasing scrubs that claim they are “natural” when in fact they are loaded with unnecessary ingredients. Body scrubs make fantastic gifts as well, and during this wintery, holiday season, what’s better than gifting a Mason jar of peppermint scrub made by you?

There are many variations to this peppermint scrub; you may like to have a stronger “minty” scent or a lighter one. In order to create this to your liking, simply experiment with different ratios that work for you. As a general rule, use one part melted coconut oil (or whatever oil you prefer) to one part sugar. Then, add a little more sugar or a little more oil to satisfy your consistency. I like mine very course, but not too dry, so I have to adjust as I make it.

When it comes time to add the peppermint essential oil, I suggest going slowly. I would start with a couple of drops and very gradually add and stir (and smell!) until you get it perfect. I like mine very minty, so I add a lot more than that. It also depends on how big of a batch you are making.

For gift giving, putting this peppermint sugar scrub in a Mason jar, complete with ribbon, a loufah, and a spoon or very small spatula will surely make your loved one smile. They will even be smiling more after they use it, and their skin will be happy, too!

Beth Hedrick of Virginia is an English teacher and a freelance writer, and lives the ecothrifty life as much as possible.  She enjoys making items, especially during the holiday season, and likes learning and practicing green living. 

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    • Yes, you can. Lots of people prefer to use salt if they’re going to use it as a foot scrub because salt draws out impurities.


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