Alternatives to disposable feminine products?

by Alison Jones Did you know there are reusable alternatives to disposable feminine products? They are ecofriendly and in the long run will save you money. Instead of using disposable menstrual items such as pads and tampons, there are reusable pads, sponges, and cups! There … Read More

Make your own electric vehicle

Homemade electric vehicles are becoming more common. Although it may sound intimidating, the idea of building your own electric vehicle is gaining popularity. You can find a multitude of blogs and videos online about building your own bicycle, motorcycle, and … Read More

Minestrone Soup featured image

Minestrone Soup

Here is a simple recipe from EcoThrifty. If you are new to cooking, make this on the weekend when you are feeling rushed. If you have a large family, you can double or triple this. Even if you don’t have … Read More

Do you need mouthwash?

The short answer is no. But what about all those ads that say mouthwash is awesome and does awesome things for your teeth and gums? Well, they’re ads. They’re trying to sell mouthwash. Unfortunately, mouthwash is worse than simply useless. … Read More

$70 saved is $70 earned

One of my pet peeves is, “You have to consider the value of your time when you make something yourself.” I’m sure that idea was originally pushed by some marketing executive who wanted to sell something. The simple fact is … Read More

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