Ecothrifty baby food

Do you really need to buy packaged “baby food?” It is easy to incorporate baby’s diet into the family meals. When introducing banana, slice off about an inch of it, mash it with a fork, and offer it to your … Read More

Reconsidering the barter

Before we moved to the country, I never thought about bartering, probably because I didn’t think I had anything to trade. My first barter involved livestock. I had too many turkey gobblers, so I traded a breeding pair of turkeys … Read More

Rethinking television

When people ask me how I have time to do all the things I do—garden, raise animals for meat, dairy, and eggs, as well as write and speak regularly—the first thing I generally say is that I don’t watch television. … Read More

Ecothrifty coffee and tea

Tea and coffee are very popular drinks around the world, and they are frugal when made at home. Unlike soft drinks, they also have some health benefits when consumed in moderation. Many herb teas can be grown in your own … Read More

Ecothrifty lawn care

The lawn has been a part of the European landscape since the 1700s, and North Americans were quick to emulate them. Initially it was only the very wealthy who could afford the maintenance required for a lawn because it was … Read More

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